Mandala Desa

Mandala Desa, Bali

Mandala Desa Solar Power Indonesia

Mandala Desa is a boutique resort located at the edge of a traditional village near Sukawati in Bali. It is a luxurious, hidden hideaway set amongst the rice paddies, and prides itself in providing for it’s guests a laid back and completely authentic experience.

When the owners of Mandala Desa approached Solar Power Indonesia about converting their power supply into Solar, we jumped at the opportunity. Not that it didn’t come with it’s own set of challenges, that our team were able to overcome in surprisingly quick time. These included:

  • Steep pitch of the roof
  • Distance between installation points
  • Multiple locations for solar panels
  • High tile roof
  • Inclement weather

The On Grid System at Mandala Desa features:

  • 42 x ET-Solar 400Wp SPLIT cells Monochrystalline solar panels
  • On-grid system 3 phases with 16.8kWp of solar panels and 42 micro inverters
  • North, east and West facing arrays

For more information on Mandala Desa, click HERE.