Power Systems for the Places you would rather live

Power Systems for the Places you would rather live

Indonesia is blessed with some of the most unique, spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes on the planet. Our work here at Solar power Indonesia takes us to many of these amazing places, and according to our installation team, this is one of the things that makes Solar Power Indonesia such a great place to work. 

Mentawai, Solar Power Indonesia
Not a bad workplace view! Mentawai, Indonesia

Many of our customers are seeking a life less ordinary, away from the daily grind of work within 4 walls, constant noise, and no escape from the constant news and communication of the always-on modern world. Here is a map that highlights some of the locations we work:

Solar Power Indonesia Map

For the majority who choose an off-grid lifestyle, the decision has been a long term plan, and most are looking for a trusted partner to provide the basic utilities that most of us take for granted. The design of standalone power systems is much more complex that the rooftop PV systems most will be familiar with, and ensuring the system is designed for reliability and long term dependability is essential. We work with our customers to ensure their power systems are designed to meet their own unique requirements with a focus on simple, reliable and sustainable solutions. So whether it is the world class diving or surfing on offer, or a fascination with the unique natural history and diverse landscapes Indonesia provides, if you are looking for a trusted partner for your remote area power needs – from luxury resorts to small, private off grid villas – we look forward to assisting you. Here are a few images of some of the amazing locations we work (we look forward to providing more information on these projects in the months to come):

Alor Resort, Savu, Solar Power Indonesia
Savu, Alor
Villa Tantangan, Bali
Villa Tantangan, Bali
John's Place, solar Power indonesia
John's Place, Mentawai
Ecolodge Mbeliling, Solar Power Indonesia
Ecolodge Mbeliling

You can get in contact via phone or email or come and visit us at our new Sanur HQ (we really appreciate it when you make an appointment)

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