Role Foundation, Bali

Role Foundation, Bali

Role Foundation in Bali was created to inspire local households and governments to incorporate zero waste principles into their waste management systems. This is achieved with comprehensive training on waste management handling by the Role Foundation. 

To empower local people and businesses through practical education programs so that they can improve their local environment and develop sustainable communities.

At Solar Power Indonesia, we are proud to be working with Role Foundation, where we have recently installed their new Grid Back Up System. This will assist to lower the cost of their Power Supply, as well as keeping them running at all times.

The Role Foundation system contains:

  • TBB Kinergier Single Phase 8/16kW (Continuous/Peak)
  • TBB SolarMate DC coupled solar 5kW
  • 5kWp Solar Array
  • 6kWh Battery storage system
  • Commissioned: January 2020

For more information on Role Foundation, click here.