John's Place, Mentawai

John's Place, Mentawai

John's Place Mentawai

John’s Place is an isolated surf resort located in the Mentawai Islands. Consisting of  a single, large house on an idyllic strip of beach facing the Indian Ocean, it is completely Off Grid and therefore relies on Solar Power to keep running. Solar Power Indonesia keep the resort up and running with a custom designed 3 phase system.

Working in Mentawai provided a challenge that we, at Solar Power Indonesia, have faced on an almost regular occasion since. The islands of Mentawai are home to numerous resorts and surf camps that are all Off Grid, and well off the main tourist trail. To access them requires flights and transport of personal and equipment to Padang, West Sumatra, followed by a boat ride to the distant island chain. It is a process that is not easy, but something that our engineers and staff now take in their stride.

The System at John's Place Contains:

  • Selectronics SPPRO 3 Phase 22.5/45kW (Continuous/Peak)
  • Fronius AC coupled solar 25kW
  • 27kWp Solar Array
  • 120kWh Battery storage system

Commissioned: June 2018

For more information on John’s Place, check out the link here.