On Grid Systems

On Grid Systems

On Grid Solar Power Indonesia

An On Grid Solar System is one that is, literally, connected to your current power grid, or PLN. The electricity that is produced by your Solar System is routed into the PLN grid where it is used to supply you with your daily electrical needs. Any excess electricity that is left over will then be routed back into the PLN grid. In most cases, you will generate more electricity than you will actually use. This means that you will not only be paying no money to PLN for electricity use, but will actually be rebated for the electricity you give back to them!

On Grid System

There are many reasons that people are converting to Solar Energy in the current day and age. 

  • Green Energy. The Solar electricity generated allows you to limit the amount of traditional electricity you use.
  • Saving money. The more solar energy you produce, the less you will pay PLN to use theirs.
  • Easy Maintenance. The On Grid System has a lot less parts than an Off Grid System, which relies on heavy batteries to store power. Less parts equals less maintenance.

Have a look below at our gallery of On Grid Systems we have installed in places all over Indonesia, and feel free to contact us at any time with your enquiries.