Inverters perform a critical function on any Solar Powered system. They are the heart of the operation, and will be one of the most important pieces of equipment purchased. Indeed, any site that is powered by Renewable Energy will require a stable and efficient Inverter.

What is an Inverter?

An inverter performs the function of converting Direct Current power (DC) to Alternating Current power (AC). In your Solar Installation, the Solar panels convert the sunlight into Direct Current power. Unfortunately, this form of power is unable to be utilised by you to power your home, resort, appliances etc. They require Alternating Current to run. That’s where the Inverter comes in, doing its job and converting all that DC into AC so that you can use it the way you need.

Even though the main job of the Inverter is to convert power, these days their role is becoming more and more about managing the whole Solar System. They are really the brains of the operation, and can now be used to monitor the system, and information sourced from the inverter can assist technicians to diagnose problems, keeping the system running at its most efficient.

Inverters can be utilised in any way that you want, depending on your location and the type of solar setup you require. Certain Inverters are able to be used on totally stand-alone systems, where all power generated is used and stored, where others can feed power back into the grid system.

Some of the types of inverters used by Solar Power Indonesia are:
• Inverter
• Inverter Charger
• Inverter Charger with MPPT
• Bi Directional battery charger Inverter
• Bi Directional Battery charger Inverter with inbuilt MPPT
• Grid Interactive Inverter Charger
• Grid Interactive Inverter Charger with MPPT
• UPS Inverter Charger
• Rack Mounted Inverters and Inverter Chargers
• Grid Tie Inverters
• Grid Tie Inverters with battery backup ability
• Micro Inverters
• Island Grid Inverters

Inverter Brands used by Solar Power Indonesia
At SPI, we pride ourselves on using only the best and most efficiently performing product available in all of our installations. Every piece of equipment is the most highly rated available, and can be found in Solar Installations from capital cities, to the most remote areas in the world.

Inverters we recommend and supply include:
• Selectronic Australia
• Victron Energy
• Studer
• Goodwe
• Zever
• Fronius
• Power One
• OPS (Optimal)
• Sungrow

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